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1951 browning superposed

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Joined: Feb 17, Messages: 3, It's not a Pigeon Grade, it's a much rarer Grade 2, as explained in the Browning letter.

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The Pigeon Grade was reintroduced from its prewar designation a bit later than this gun was made. Great gun.

Browning - Belgium P-3 Golden Superposed, Three Barrel Set, 20-28-410 Over Under Shotgun

Thank you for the info eightbore, i have just always called it a pigeon, but you are right, it is a grade 2. The engraving on this gun is outstanding. Someone surely needs a Grade 2 with all the desirable features for their collection. This is a great old Browning. I haven't saw many 50's Grade 2's for sale.

The 60's aren't as common as they once where either. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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Privacy Policy.Posted: Sat Sep 05, pm. I just picked up my first shotgun!

1951 browning superposed

I just celebrated 15 years at my job, and my employer offered a gift for those years of service. In the past, they would offer for you to choose an item out of a catalog, but they decided that wasn't very personal.

So, now we are given a budget and we go shopping for ourselves! It has to be something that will last a long time, be something we have always wanted, and maybe something we wouldn't have done on our own.

It's a nice 20g and he loves it. I searched all over and read a ton online, trying to find that "just right" gun, in my budget, that I would be happy to have forever. I found this Browning Superposed that was on consignment at the same shop where I bought my dad's gun and just kept coming back to it.

It feels right when I hold it and pull it. I still haven't fired it, but plan to within the week. Just wondering your opinions on the gun and the value. It is in really nice shape, with no real wear on the wood, moderate wearing on the blueing, but some wear on the gold trigger. For my 15 years with my last company I got a pen set for my desk. Just doesn't seem the same!!! Posted: Mon Sep 07, am.

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Nice shooter you got there!! I don't believe with that gold trigger it is a vintage gun. More likely early s. Posted: Mon Sep 07, pm. I would think drb has looked up the serial number on Browning's web site as the date of manufacture. If at a later date he can send the gun to Art's Gun Shop and have it re done.

It will come out looking as it just came from the custom shop at Browning. And yes one can still have a new Superposed from Browning if your pockets are deep enough.

Yes, I did check the serial number, as did the gun shop where I purchased it Was a gold trigger not available then? Out of curiosity, what is the ballpark price to make such a gun look new again via Art's Gun Shop? You can go to artsgunshop. Remember Art's is a Browning specialist and their work is first class. As the OP has said this gun was made in long before the salt wood problem. Posted: Tue Sep 08, pm.

The gold trigger came along in the mids or later.

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The trigger was blue steel in until at least the mids -- Superposed gauge serial numbers reached by the early s and FN started over. So, there are duplicate serial number gauge Superposeds from before they began appending the gauge and year code to serial numbers. Serial number explanations are much more detailed in Schwing's book than on Browning's web site.

1951 browning superposed

There are many retro-fit explanations for how an early gun could end up with a gold trigger. For one, during the early s Browning gunsmiths were at several big skeet shoots I attended offering to upgrade shooter's Superposeds from the original Val Browning inertia trigger to the new mechanical trigger.

Posted: Thu Sep 10, am. Well, I finally got to shoot the Super todayYour browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America.

Would you like to visit Browning International? Now you can date your Browning firearm. The serial number found on your gun has the answer. This area will help you read that serial number.

To find your serial number, you will need to refer to your owner's manual. We have most owner's manuals online. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided on serial numbers and dates of manufacture are accurate, records on early production models such as the Auto-5 and Superposed shotguns were not included due to the complexity of numbers, models and grades offered.

Also, there have been unique limited edition models that did not follow our regular serial number configurations and they are not included in this listing.

Historical Letters Available Click here to learn more about how you can add a piece of history to your Browning firearm. Take me to Browning International No. Take me to Browning North America.

Date Your Firearm.

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To find out about your gun's serial number simply click on your firearm.Question about a Superposed Moderator: Worc. Posted: Tue Nov 01, am. Hi all, I am considering purchasing a 20 GA Superposed.

I'm trying to find out if it's a lightning model. Does anyone know what I should look for lightning engraved on the receiver etc. I think it may be a lightning because it feels so light. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

Posted: Tue Nov 01, pm. A lightning model will have "Lightning" in large script rolled on the bottom of the receiver next to John Browning's likeness. However it is not a lightning because the first postwar lightnings were made in or Browning played pretty fast and loose with the term "Lightning. Posted: Wed Nov 02, am. If it's in acceptable condition at a reasonable price, buy it. Just buy it. They're wonderful guns no matter what is or is not stamped on the receiver.

Posted: Sat Nov 05, pm. I have a 20ga 28" super and it is a lightning with the lighting text which made me curious if it was maybe a little more rare because of that. Anyone know if the 28" lightnings were common or what if any story or reason there may be behind them? Thanks, Jim. In about Browning marketed a "lightning". It was their standard production model, but with twin single triggers, a "field" forend, and with what seems to be a limited number of choke choices.

No 20 ga superposed were produced before the war. The final "lightning" was a different gun. It had a hollowed out stock, and extra milling cuts in the receiver. It also had lighter barrels, at least in 12ga. They tended to be 6 to 10 oz lighter than standard guns. All of these true "lightnings" had "lightning" rolled out in script on the bottom of the barrel. Many broadway trap guns are also marked "lightning" but I do not know how or if these differed from other Broadway guns. Posted: Thu Nov 17, am.

All excellent information! As to your last point - Schwing states that all other aspects of the Broadway Trap gun were identical to the other Lightening Trap models except for the wide rib. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic.Gun Collections Online. Quick Browning Superposed Facts:.

First years of Production:. Second years of Production:. Manufacturer Browning Arms Co. Fabrique Nationale. Designer John Browning, Val A. The Browning Superposed was last firearm to be designed by John Browning and one of the first over-under shotgun designs to be commercially produced. John Browning had envisioned it as the last gun the government would ban from private ownership and was designed to be the first over under shotgun that was affordable to the general population.

Superposed Specs:. Weight: 6 pounds ish. Barrel length:. Action Type:. Boxlock Shotgun.

1951 browning superposed

Previous guns of a similar design had been priced out of the average man's reach. After his death in Novemberthe design work was completed by his son Val A. Most importantly, the single selective trigger mechanism that he wanted for the Superposed had been finished by Val. Initially, and until the Browning Superposed fired via a double trigger set up. Val Browning's SST remains one of the very best and most reliable such triggers ever designed.

In the Superposed was dropped from the regular Browning catalog but is still available through Browning International's Custom Shop.

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It should be noted that all Superposed guns are hand engraved and the engraving on the high grade models can be very detailed, and the select French Walnut stocks are also of very high quality. Superposed Variations: Browning Superposed guns have been offered in all gauges from 12 to.The over and under shotgun design evolved out of a tradition of side by side shotguns.

Shotguns evolved from the old smoothbore muskets of the colonial period. The thing was many of these guns were side-by-side SXS guns, which, while they do offer twice the firepower of a single barreled gun, have issues with proper aim points, and recoil, which can result in missed shots and, in the long run, broken stocks.

Both barrels will discharge dead center and, even compared to modern autoloaders, firing the second barrel can be very fast and on target. Moreover, with fewer working parts, the guns were much more reliable under extreme field conditions or after long periods of storage.

The Boss model over and under, patented in by John Robertson in England, beat Browning to the basic concept, but his new shotgun in many ways perfected it. Unlike many doubleguns before it, the Superimposed had but a single selective trigger to fire each barrel interchangeably, rather than the more common twin-trigger arrangement.

Browning Superposed and Citori Shotguns: A tradition of innovation meets an innovation of tradition

The selector on this trigger could be set to fire either the over or under barrel first, then would reset to the next ready barrel automatically. The boxlock action cracked open on a full-length hinge pin just enough to allow a pair of mated extractors to shoot the spent hulls out when firing, clearing the way for the next set.

A tapered locking bolt and recess ensure that the gun stays rock solid when shut, even if opened and closed thousands of times. The gun, even though it had some 70 parts, was utterly reliable, proving almost impossible to jam due to its lack of moving parts. Overall, the mating of the gun was perfectly aligned, strong as an ox, and simple enough to teach to anyone. The selector button to the rear decides, which barrel fires first. The lever on the top opens the action.

This gun was an exercise in family values. Just as its twin barrels were mated together and inseparable, when John Browning died in without the Superposed finished, his son Val stepped in and completed the last work of his father.

Byit was debuted by FN as the Browning Superposed. Originally chambered only in gaugethis decision marked another departure from tradition as the most common shotgun shell in the US at the time was the gauge. In almost constant production from the s to the s in Belgium with a break for World War 2nearlyof these guns were born.

Superposed had several stock tang styles. These do not go unnoticed by serious collectors. While not affordable for the shooter on a fixed income, it was still obtainable as a middle-class hunting shotgun, much like the Ruger Red Label of today. By the late s however, this price had escalated to the point that they were no longer affordable and plastics started to creep into the manufacturing process, replacing bone in the many inlay applications. The Citori took off where the superposed left off and is really just the same gun with a few manufacturing changes to make it more affordable.Log in or Sign up.

Browning Owners. I am new to this forums thing so I hope I am doing it right. I have a Browning Superposed that has had probably over a million rounds shot through it.

It is very sentimental to me and I would love to fix it up. First off the Vent rib is being held on with Electrical Tape. No biggie. The big problem is the action.

It is very loose. With the gun closed and locked it has quite a bit of play in the barrels to action. So much so that when you fire the gun, every once in a while the action opens up.

I downloaded a manual for the Superposed and read that it is probably the Locking Block. I purchased a new one from Numrich's and replaced the old one. Still the same amount of play. Any suggestions would help tremendously. I want to make sure it will tighten up before I spend hundreds on having the vent rib soldered back on and the barrels re-blued.

Full page photo. Don PadgettAug 5, Probably the best place to get you Super rebuilt is Art's Gun Shop. They're a great bunch and will work with you and your budget, from a complete restoration to serviceable shotgun. Rudolph31Aug 5, Thanks Rudolph I am wanting to make sure it can tighten up first and then worry about restoration.

I would like to do most of the work myself. Means more that way.

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